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Horizontal Units Horizontal Gel Units  

The Galileo line includes horizontal gel systems designed for wide range of applications and gel casting preferences.


A large selction of trays, combs and other accessories are also available for all units.







Bullethorizontal systems -  
Our line includes eight sizes of horizontal electrophoresis devices.  
07x08cm, 09x11cm, 14x10cm and 12x14 mini-gel systems  
23x14 extra wide mini-gel system  
wide-format, high-capacity gel systems  
horizontal casting systems  
Bulletquick and easy gel casting -  
Galileo Bioscience is a leader in gel casting technology. These units feature three innovative casting techniques to meet the needs of all research conditions. Follow the link to learn more about Galileo's RapidCast & ExpressCast systems and the complete line of Galileo gel casters.Link  
Bulletsystem accessories -  
High Desert also offers a complete line of combs and system accessories. Many are compatible with devices from other manufacturerers. Consult our electro cross reference for more information
gel trays  
combs -see unit descriptions or consult our electro cross reference  
Bullethorizontal system manual -  
horizontal gel systems user manual (PDF Format)  
Bulletother supplies -