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Electrophoresis Systems

Galileo Electrophoresis

Systems from HBD


High Desert is proud to offer the complete line of Galileo electrophoresis systems.


Galileo electrophoresis accessories, including trays combs and glass, also fit many other gel units from other manufactures.

Bulletwide range of units -  
Looking for horizontal devices, vertical units or electro-blotting equipment? You will find all the features that you demand for usability, performance and reliability at High Desert Bioscience.  
Bulletcomplete accessories lines -  
High Desert also offers a complete line of accessories for all Galileo devices. In addition, many of the trays, combs and other components are compatible with devices by Owl scientific and others. Upgrade your system with Galileo accessories. For further information contact HDB at info@highdesertbio.com  
Bulletunsurpassed quality -  
These units are made from the highest quality materials by a dedicated team of employees. Design improvements insure long electrode life and extra-durable construction. Combine this quality with the comfort of a 3 year warranty and your decision is easy.  
Bulletproduct lines -  
horizontal gel systems  
horizontal gel casting systems & trays  
vertical gel systems  
replacement glass for vertical systems  
semi-dry blotting system  
tank blotting system  
Bulletsystem users manuals -  
horizontal gel systems user manual (PDF Format)  
vertical gel systems user manual (PDF Format)