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Ocean Optics Systems

from HBD


High Desert is proud to offer the complete line of Ocean Optics photonics systems.

Pre-Configured Systems  
  HR2000+ES - now with enhanced sensitivity
  USB2000+RAD - designed exclusively for irradiance measurements
  QE65000-ABS - Scientific Grade built for absorbance measurements
  QE65000-FL - customized for fluorescence measurements
  QE65000-Raman - designed for Raman spectroscopy
User-Configured Spectrometers  
  USB2000+ Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer
  USB4000 Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer
  HR4000 High-resolution Spectrometer
  HR2000+ High-resolution Spectrometer
  QE65000 Scientific-grade Spectrometer
  NIR-512 Near-infrared Spectrometer
  NIR256-2.1 NIR Spectrometer and NIR256-2.5 Extended-range NIR Spectrometer
Fluorescence Spectrometers  
  USB2000-FLG Gated Fluorescence Spectrometer
  USB4000-FL Fluorescence Spectrometer
  USB4000-FL-450 Spectrofluorometer
  USB4000-FL-395 Spectrofluorometer
  QE65000 Configured for Fluorescence
  FIA-PMT-FL For Fluorescence Flow Analysis
Fluorescence Spectrometers  
  Brontes Colorimeter Color Measurement System
  LAMPS Laser Assisted Microwave Plasma Spectroscopy
  USB4000-UV-VIS Spectrometer General Purpose Spectrometer
  USB4000-VIS-NIR Spectrometer General Purpose VIS-NIR System
  HR4000CG-UV-NIR Broadband Spectrometer
  HR2000+CG General Purpose Broadband Spectrometer
  CHEM4-UV-VIS Educational Spectrophotometer
  CHEM4-VIS-NIR Educational Spectrophotometer
  CHEM4-UV-FIBER Educational Spectrophotometer
  CHEM4-VIS-FIBER Educational Spectrophotometer
  USB650 Red Tide  Educational Spectrometer
  USB650-UV-VIS Red Tide Educational Spectrometer
  USB650-VIS-NIR Red Tide Educational Spectrometer
  DTS-series MEMS-based NIR Spectrometers
  DTS-PHAZIR-1016 and DTS-PHAZIR-1624 MEMS-based NIR Material Analyzers
  S1024DW Deep Well Spectrometer  Liquid Absorbance Spectrometer System
  LIBS Broadband Spectrometer System Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
  QE65000 Scientific-grade Spectrometer
  Raman Systems R-3000 Spectrometers
  RSL-Plus Handheld Raman System
  NanoCalc Thin Film Reflectometry System*
  SpecEl Ellipsometer System
  PlasCalc Plasma Monitoring System
  Optical Transmittance System
  Hydrorad Environmental Radiometer*
  SEA Spectrometer Series for Lighting Professionals
Specialty Spectrometers  
  Jaz - The World's Coolest Modular Measuring Suite
  Maya 2000 - high-sensitivity FFT-CCD spectrometers
  Optical Transmittance - Optical Transmittance Spectrophotometers