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Precision thinwall non-skirted plates for thermal cycling  
These plates feature thin walls for rapid heat transfer and secure snap caps.
Bullet0.2ml thinwall, non-skirted plates -  
Reliable snap cap seals and uniform thin walls make these non-skirted plates ideal for PCR and other thermal cycling procedures. Note that thinwall plates are not recommended for prolonged centrifugation.  
  • Non-skirted for compatible with most PCR cyclers.
  • Supports accurate PCR from 25 to 150 uls, 200ul maximum volume.
  • High clarity
  • DNA, RNA, endotoxin and PCR inhibitor free.
  • Molded from high quality virgin polypropylene.
  • All plates have molded-in grid markings.
  • Available with or without printed grid markings for extra sample ID clarity.
Cap strips are specially molded for a reliable seal with these plates, virtually eliminating sample loss during cycling. Strips include numbers on each lid and sample marking area at the end of each strip.  
non-skirted plates  
P96001 96 well plates, unskirted, unprinted 5/bag, 25/pack
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P96002 96 well plates, unskirted, printed with grid marks 5/bag, 25/pack
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P96003 8-Cap Strips for P96001 &P96002 12 strips/bag, 25 bags/pack
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